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Best PR stunt yet.  Seriously.

I have the world’s smallest violin for you Kim Kardashian.  Seriously, I do. 

So some lady just “walked right up” to Kim and dumped a “boat load” of flour on top of her head at the PETA event.  First off, you can’t just walk right up with a ton of flour in your arms, unless of course, Kim K’s people have made it so. 

Now she’s in the tabloids, making a big deal, attempting to sue, and conveniently dropping out of the PETA when we hear rumors she never really wanted any part of it anyway.  How opportune. 

Oh Kim, you get more and more like Heidi Montag-Pratt every day.  At least she can keep a PR marriage longer than you can.  I guess blondes really do it better.

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