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Because I can and I will piss off the delusional Vanessa fans who keep telling me she is “so real and would never call the paparazzi”, here’s a big ol’ newsflash—and a major reality check. 

The paparazzi do not “camp” outside an actor’s house.  Maybe—just maybe— if you’re Brangelina.  Maybe.  But it’s not worth the time to sit around and wait and possibly get juicy shots when there are the LA hotspots crawling with actors.  Just not worth the time.  So they don’t do it.

So why in the hell is it every single time Vanessa gets “caught” leaving her house miraculously whatshisface is there and parked outside so the paparazzi get prime real-estate shots? Well, that’s because Vanessa called them and told them exactly when and what they’d be getting. 

I like to call this PR move the “oh-I’m-so-popular-look-at-me-the-world-loves-me-because-creepy-men-with-cameras-sit-outside-my-home-all-day.”  It’s right up there in the ranks with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, Speidi, Leann Rimes, Blake Lively, and the Kardashians (and many many more.)   

I’d also like to point out that Vanessa has had a very sharp increase in these types of candids in the time span of a year.  Yes I’m implying a lot of things, but I’d also like to ask—does someone really change that much that quickly?  With a snap of the fingers?  A complete turnaround from private to public?  You decide for yourself.  I’ve already laid the groundwork.  You do the rest.

Vanessa-fans, please get out of the dark cave.  Stop watching the shadows.  Come out of the Platonian delusional world and into the light!  See the world and these stunts for what they are.  A sham! 

But hey, the rants I will get from this post will by far be the highlight of my day.  What can I do but pity it and them and take entertainment where I can?  Hey, Hudgens’ game is working and you can see the prime example in all of her fans who truly do think the paparazzi crave Vanessa Hudgens lame-ass pictures every day of their lives.

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